All our workshops are inclusive and we work hard to be flexible and differentiate activities to accommodate the range of needs we have in a group. We have groups for children from age 5 – 18 and adult groups with some online acting courses being developed. You may wish to pursue a career in acting; enjoy working with like-minded people to develop your creativity; build your confidence and self-belief; you may love the thrill of performing to an appreciative audience in different venues and locations. Whatever you wish to pursue, the team at Flying High will endeavour to support and nurture you so have a look and sign up today.

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Various Workshops available for all ages here at Flying High Expressive Arts CIC

Drama Workshops

These 60 and 90 minute inclusive workshops are designed to explore stories, themes and / or issues dovetailed towards the specific age groups using improvisation, role play and devising processes. Acting skills, such as characterisation, vocal and physical skills are developed continually and text is introduced as appropriate. There are 3 groups: Junior Drama 1, Junior Drama 2, Intermediate Drama and Senior Drama (Please see Timetable for details) The older groups have opportunities to perform at Youth Theatre and Drama Festivals.

Youth Theatre Workshops

These 90 minute inclusive workshops focus on the development of drama and theatre skills using improvisation, role play and devising processes. Acting skills, such as characterisation, vocal and physical skills are developed continually and text is introduced as appropriate. There are 2 Youth Theatre groups at the moment: Intermediate Youth Theatre and Senior Youth Theatre (Please see the Timetable for details) We intend to open a Junior Youth Theatre very soon. The older groups have opportunities to perform at Youth Theatre and Drama Festivals.

Youth Dance Workshops

These 90 minute inclusive workshops develop Contemporary Dance technique and choreography skills with a focus on the creative processes. They incorporate other styles e.g. Hip Hop, Stage, Jazz, Capoeira as and when appropriate. These groups have opportunities to perform as part of the National U Dance framework. At the moment we have one dance group - Inter/Senior Youth Dance group (Please see Timetable for details) but we are looking to open a Junior Dance group soon.

LAMDA Acting Workshops

These 90 minute inclusive workshops will allow time to develop individual acting skills, such as characterisation, vocal/physical and communication skills following the LAMDA examination syllabuses leading to the appropriate level of entry for Grades 3 - 8.

We have a programme which begins in September each year but we are open to taking on young people with some experience up to January. Each session after this will have 30 minutes of vocal, physical, characterisation, communication development and knowledge before working individually on their solo pieces or with a partner on their duologues with specific coaching from the tutors. A level of discipline to work alone is required.

From September, the group will spend at least 6 weeks being introduced to a variety of plays and texts suitable for their playing ages and abilities before choosing to work on a solo piece or duologue. As actors, the young people are encouraged to make educated choices of the text and are supported in its delivery and staging for the exam.

In March there is an opportunity to be entered in the Mansfield Drama Festival and receive an adjudication and feedback from a Lamda examiner. They will be entered for the Lamda exam in June at the Nottingham Centre. There will be extra time and individual time slots, particularly at the higher level grades in the run up to the exams. These will be a mixture of in person and zoom sessions (Please see the Timetable for details)

Young Company

Our inclusive Young Company is the most experienced and as such has the opportunity to perform new writing as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival, a project that commissions well known playwrights to write short plays for Young People. This involves staging a production of one play selected from ten scripts at our local theatre, the Bonington Theatre and at a regional partner theatre. For the 2021 festival Young Company performed 'Wind/Rush Generation(s)' by Mojisola Adeyabo at Nottingham Playhouse and for the 2022 festival the company performed ‘Cable Street’ by Lisa Goldman at Derby Theatre.

Our annual visit to the well-known Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August each year is a huge opportunity for members of the Young Company. They perform a 50 minute children’s show on 9 consecutive days in a fringe theatre venue near the Royal Mile and have opportunities to choose from over 3000 plays, musicals, music, comedy, children's shows to watch including some more obscure genres of performance. They have to work hard to sell the show, speaking to people, handing out flyers and performing on the streets.

Since 2009, the Young Company has performed each year in many different venues in Edinburgh and has received great reviews, awards and ‘sell-out’ shows. In 2021, Aladdin gained a 4* review and in 2022, Beauty and the Beast attracted large audiences. At Christmas, the shows are performed again at the Bonington Theatre for local audiences and have proved to be very popular.

Young Company will perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from Friday 4th – 13th August in 2023.

Adult Acting Workshops (In Person)

These two hour inclusive workshops in a theatre setting are for 18+ adults who may have enjoyed drama and acting at school or in their adult life and wish to develop skills, build confidence and work with like-minded adults in a 'safe' environment’ with a sense of fun and intrigue.

Workshops include drama games, theatre exercises, improvisation, exploring texts / plays, devising skills. investigative drama, forum theatre, acting and directing skills with visits from professionals in theatre and film as and when appropriate.

There will be opportunities to take part in performances and visits to the theatre. In the past, group members have performed in ‘Live at Lunch’ events at the Nottingham Theatre Royal and the Bonington Theatre, Arnold. We have visited the RSC at Stratford, London’s West End, Derby Theatre, Nottingham Theatre Royal and Nottingham Playhouse. Many members have become great friends through being part of the group.

We hope you will join us!

Adult Acting Workshops (Online)

Online Acting workshops on zoom were established during lockdown 2020 for adults and were very popular leading to Lamda examinations and online performances on digital platforms and festivals. To continue this success in 2023 and in response to demand, we are developing online acting coaching courses aimed at young people and adults who wish to develop acting skills, awareness and knowledge as an interest in the actor’s craft. as a potential career aspiration or as preparation for auditions, GCSE or A Level solo performances and Lamda examinations.

The courses will focus on a naturalistic approach to acting and include elements of voice, body language, facial expression, action, characterisation, communication using improvisation and text. Texts from a variety of plays will be analysed, deconstructed and their potential explored and experimented with. Monologues and duologues from plays or self-written will be worked on, rehearsed and shared within the course community with feedback from the course leader. Online performances on digital platforms may be possible and tips on creating effective self-tapes for auditions and casting calls.

Holiday Camps

We have a regular summer camp usually in the middle of August each year for young people from ages 6 – 16 who come together for 4 days exploring ideas and creating pieces of theatre using elements of dance, drama and singing. The young people are divided into age appropriate groups and an overall theme is planned for each course. On the final day of the course, the group perform to family and friends in a venue or in a site-specific space.

Past summer camps have been varied in their themes. In 2021, the title of the summer camp was “The Greatest Showman’ and the final circus style performance to family and friends was in the local park on the grass. In 2022’s summer camp, ‘Come to the Movies’ we converted the community centre where we were based, into film studios and the audience moved from ‘studio’ to ‘studio’.

Our Autumn camp in 2021 was a dance project aimed specifically at secondary aged girls and those who identify as female with a film created as its outcome. The film went on to be selected for both regional and national dance festivals which was a credit to the choreographer, director and film photographer.

Our 2023 Summer Camp will be based in Arnold, Nottingham from Tuesday 15th – Friday 18th August and details will appear here soon.

Young Company

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
This is a huge opportunity for members of the Young Company to perform a 50 minute show on 9 consecutive days at the well known Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August each year. Since 2009, the Company has performed in many different venues in Edinburgh and has received 3* and 4* reviews and in 2016 a award for the best children's theatre (Peter Pan) We have had sell out shows for the last three years and received the 'Sell Out Show' laurel for selling 95% of seats for Aladdin in 2017. Beauty and the Beast sold 93% of tickets in 2018. We are now in a position where families return each year to see our show. You can find a photo gallery of our 11th show, The Wizard of Oz, by clicking here.

In addition to performing in Edinburgh, there are extensive opportunities to see from over 3000 plays, musicals, music, comedy, children's shows and many other more obscure genres of performance.

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