Photography & Filming Policy

Flying High Expressive Arts CIC – Photography & Filming Policy

Photography and filming by parents or students during workshops or performances is prohibited unless permission has been granted by the Artistic Director / Manager – Carrie Bird.

Use of filming and photography for training purposes / rehearsals is permitted with authorisation from the Artistic Director / Manager – Carrie Bird but must not be used on social media.

Student news, photographs and film footage of students, may be used by our Marketing Officer / PR to celebrate achievements and advertise Flying High Expressive Arts CIC on the Flying High website – and the Flying High Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter as well as monthly Newsletters.

Films made of Showcases, Shows and other official performances and Trailers created from these or rehearsal footage may be used on Flying High websites and social media pages.

Images, news items and quotations of members, performers, audience members, parents etc. posted on the website or social media by Flying High Expressive Arts CIC, will be identified by their first name only.

Anyone with any concerns about images posted by Flying High Expressive Arts CIC can speak to Carrie Bird (Artistic director / Manager) and the images will be removed.

Parents, students and audience members at performances organised by outside agencies must make themselves aware of the policy for that event as detailed by the event organiser, and our policy on photography and filming will continue to apply.

We ask all users of the services provided by Flying High Expressive Arts CIC that care is taken re photography and filming, is mindful of child safeguarding issues and data protection, permission is sought where necessary, only appropriate images and footage are used, and used appropriately.

Policy reviewed April 2024

To be reviewed annually

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