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Flying High Expressive Arts CIC – Terms & Conditions

Payments for fees

Fees will be paid in advance on a half- termly basis: Autumn (September – October / November – December), Spring (January – February / February – March/April) and Summer (April – May / June – July) and will be paid online. Payments for the full term can be paid by paying for the two half terms at the same time. As payment is taken on a half-termly basis (average 11-16 weeks) it must be paid in full and in advance of the new term/half term starting. Payment is not permitted on a workshop by workshop basis. Term payment letters are emailed or given out (if requested) at least three weeks before the current term finishes. Payment for the new term must be paid no later than the final session of the current term.

An annual Membership fee of £10.00 will be paid (per child) each September or when a new student joins. This will include a free T-shirt for new members or those who have grown out of their older one.

A family discount of is available for 3 or more workshops. 

If payment is late, a £5.00 late payment fee will be added. If workshops are missed they are not carried forward or refunded (unless cancelled by the Company). Once payment has been received it is non-refundable. 

For new starters 1 free taster session is available. Once completed, if the place is to be secured, then payment for the half term must be received. If payment has not been received in advance of a workshop taking place your son/daughter may not be able to take part and may lose their place.

Dress code 

We do not have a uniform but hoodies are available to purchase and T-shirts are free with initial membership. However participants must wear sensible and practical clothing suitable for the activity. No jeans or similar trousers should be worn for dance activities. Dance participants will have bare feet in workshops and hair must also be tied back and off the face.


Due to the nature of activities children and young people will be relied upon by others. If your son/daughter is going to be absent for a session please text, call 07946703821 or email [email protected] to let us know. Sessions missed due to student absence will not be refunded or carried forward.

In preparing for a performance, it is imperative that you inform us immediately of any potential absences especially if the performance dates cannot be attended.  Our casting will be based on availability and reliability as much as other factors and not making us aware of these absences will affect our decisions in future productions.

If a student is absent for 2 workshops in a row and we are not notified, their place will automatically be offered to anyone on the waiting list or making an enquiry to become a member of the Company. 


Your son/daughter may be photographed or filmed from time to time during the activities for marketing and publicity material. Please let us know in writing or via email if you do not wish for your son/daughter to be photographed/filmed. (Please refer to our Photography and Filming Policy.)

Help & Support

Due to the nature of our activities we may require help from parents and extended family/friends. It would be fantastic if you could make us aware of any skills you can offer in relation to sessions and productions (set, costume, backstage support, hospitality, fund raising etc).


We pride ourselves on how well behaved our students are both in class and during productions. Staff and students are always respectful of each other. If students are not able to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner parents will be informed and they may be asked to leave. Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings. We can accept no responsibility for lost or damaged belongings. Students participate at their own risk and parents/guardians are obliged to inform staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions.

Flying High Expressive Arts CIC staff and volunteers are there to help, develop and teach in a supportive and fun environment. If you have any questions, queries or concerns please ensure staff and volunteers are treated with respect and contact Carrie via email [email protected] regarding any issues you may want to discuss.  Parents/Guardians are also responsible for dropping their children off on time and for picking them up promptly after class. If you are late dropping off or picking up, please text Carrie on 07946703821 to ensure safety.

Flying High Expressive Arts CIC reserves the right to make changes to the workshop fees, timetable, teaching staff and the terms and conditions at any given moment. These will be shown on the newsflash on the website or communicated via email.

All staff have current DBS checks.

Personal belongings

Flying High Expressive Arts CIC cannot take responsibility for personal belongings and valuables that are brought to workshops and/or rehearsals. It is advised that personal items such as wallets, purses, bags, mobile phones, jewellery, watches or any other personal item of value should be left at home. If they are brought into a workshop, then it is up to the induvial to take responsibility and look after them. Flying High Expressive Arts CIC cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal item and are not insured to cover this.

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